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Download Tiktok 18+APK this app has video and audio remote control, video filters. you can express yourself through fun, creative videos and discover content from talented people and brands around the world.
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19 November, 2022
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About Tiktok 18+APK:

TikTok has been a very famous entertainment app. It has been the number-one trending app for the past two years. But as we all know that this generation just does not get satisfied with simple entertainment. So as you guys keep searching and asking for an adult TikTok app.

Our viewers have always been our first priority so we are here for you with the Adult version of the TikTok official app. It has the same interface as the original app but other features are altered. As you know that this generation craves adult content so we decided to provide you with TikTok 18+ Apk.

Our page does nor promotes nor support Pornographic content but as per demand, we are providing you with this app as you are always our first priority. This app will provide you with all short adult videos without any restrictions. This app has no limitations on watching time. You can enjoy all this 18+ content all day and night. It also provides you with sharing and saving features. But let me tell you the most important thing this app is just for Grown ups and Adults.

If you are a minor or an underage kid I suggest you download the original TikTok app which is always available on our website. You can search for all you want in the explore bar. As the Official TikTok app is more secure and has more safe content for kids and minors.

what is tiktok 18+APK?

TikTok 18+APK is an adult app providing you with unlimited adult videos to watch and share. This app is the altered version of the original TikTok app but unlike TikTok, it does not have those filters and sensors which block adult content on TikTok and remove the videos from the app.

If you like to create and share All types of Adult content then I warn you not to post it on the Offical TikTok app as your account would be blocked and all your videos will be removed. And you also might get banned permanently from TikTok.

That is why I suggest you download TikTok 18+ apk as it is our modified version which supports all kinds of 18+ videos and has no restrictions. Here you can upload as many videos as you want and also share them with others. This app provides you so many new filters that can be used to make your videos more attractive. This app also provides you with interesting editing tools and transitional effects. You can also use different stickers and emojis. So get this app right now.

Features of TikTok 18+Apk:

  • Private chat feature: This is the most favorite and commonly used feature. As all people love to message different girls or boys privately and have fun in the chat,
  • Hd quality videos: This version allows you to post high-quality videos so the entertainment can be provided in much-improved ways.
  • Earn money with it: This app will connect you with so many people who like to buy pornographic content so you can sell your videos to them and earn money with it. But this app personally does not pay you.
  • Video editing tools: This app provides you with so many interesting video editing tools and filters so you can make your content more appealing.
  • Transitional effects and stickers: You are provided with multiple transitional effects and hundreds of emoticons and interesting live 2D and 3D stickers.
  • Become a creator: You can create your adult videos and use them to share on this app as you, please.
    Unlimited content available: This app provides you with never-ending entertainment and timeless content so you can enjoy it as long as you want.
  • No restrictions: Tiktok 18+APK has no sensors to block or remove adult content so no need to be worried your account would not be blocked.
  • Safe and secured: We do not sell your personal data to any other website so this app is completely safe as your privacy is very important to us.

Additional features of Tiktok 18+APK :

  • Enjoy the best entertainment app on your android.
  • Get to know what other people are sharing for your entertainment.
  • People share 18+ adult content over here.
  • Users share everything boldly without shying.
  • Offers multiple methods of registration so users don’t need to be concerned about it.
  • It includes a built-in video editor, so users don’t struggle with beautifying their videos.
  • Lots of visual effects make users” videos rich and glowing for viewers.
  • Users can even make their own videos from the comfort of their android phones.
  • Users can even send messages to their favorite artists.
  • It is highly restricted to users who are under 18.

screenshot of tiktok 18+APK :


Tiktok 18+APK is a whole package of full-on entertainment and satisfaction. Once you would start watching videos on this app you will become addicted to it. This app has so many new and improved features. But let me advise you that the content in this app may have harmful effects on your brain so try not to overuse it. Thank you for selecting this website, visit us again we will be waiting for you!


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