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Iwantu18+APK is an outstanding adult content streaming application available for free. The application has all the features similar to TikTok 18+ application and it is considered a content-creating application as well. Many users are able to upload videos and they can make profiles on this application. The application features will be explored in the coming lines and the users will understand the key features like popular hashtags, sharing button, set favorite, search tab, profile view, etc. Also, the users can see friends and followers as well.

What is Iwantu18+APK

Iwantu18+APK is mostly downloaded by adults that are 18+ and they are streaming adult content on it. The user is also given various tools and features to make navigation simpler and easier. The tools can be easily used to share the content on various sites as well. If someone wants to send their content on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. then this tool will be excellent.

Adding to that, when the content gets likes and comments then it will be shown on the ‘for you page’ as well. This will make the content more visible and all the users of the application can see it. Ultimately, it brings more people to react to the content and boosts followers. Most of the app users are only streamers and they don’t upload their own content, which makes it a golden opportunity for new users to jump into the race.

Also, as said earlier, the application mostly shows explicit and nude content and that is why it is downloaded by many adult users. With that, there are various varieties of videos on the applications as well ranging from short clips to full-fledged movies as well. Also, adult and erotic images can also be shared on this platform.

The users are getting daily notifications and alerts about content they streamed earlier. Also, if the user likes any video and comments on it, then another video from the creator will be shown to the user through a message alert. The users are able to drag it down on the main screen to refresh the whole content and creators for new videos.

Moreover, the search tab can be a helping tool to locate the best content creators and popular users of the application. The searching methods have been made easy like @ can be used before typing the profile name to filter out the specific person.

Features of Iwantu18+APK

Adult content

The application is an updated version of the popular short video streaming application-TikTok 18+ but it is packed with its own very unique and intuitive features. It is also giving access to stream adult content on the go.

Watch History

Users are able to resume their streaming experience from the watch history and the application also shows videos in this regard. So, the user will only watch videos related to the content they have streamed earlier.

Nude Images

The users can share nude and erotic images on this application as well. These images can also be edited and made unique from the rest of the creators. Also, different tools can be used to alter these images to high quality.

Likes and comments

If someone is a content creator then they can see others liking and typing comments on their posts. These comments are just like suggestions to improve the content and also some users show their support in the comment section as well.

Various genres and templates

The application is giving different template videos and categories to create videos. Also, these templates can be customized with the help of various tools to highlight the content.

Conclusion remarks

Iwantu18+APK will be a replacement for TikTok18+ APK and it can serve millions of people on the Internet as well. The outstanding user interface, fast servers, high video quality, creator section, mobile-friendly controls, and a lot more features make the application suitable for all Android users. Show off your talent and skills with the help of Iwantu18+APK. Download it now!



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