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Doraemon X APK

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Doraemon X
NameDoraemon X
DeveloperHotmilk Patreon
Last UpdateJune 27, 2023

Doraemon X APK is a gaming application. It is one of the popular character-based games which is trying to build a story and having futuristic characters. This is the most unique and was published this year. This game is known as Daraemon X APK.In the entire gaming industry, this is one of the most famous and has high ratings.

Its uniqueness is to combine components of experience, adventure, and puzzles and also have a certain future of solving puzzles. The exciting game has a mechanical cat known in anime and manga series. It has a human companion Nobita Nobi enters the game. It is known as an Anime and manga series of the same name.

Players of this game are taking the role of Nobita and also doing an enormous job by solving hindrances and obstacles. In this way, it can move to the next level and has many other numerous intelligent characters such as Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo. This APK game has multi features and plays around the world. It has multiple players globally and is safe and secure. It is easily approachable for every player.

Doraemon X APK

What is about Doraemon X APK

Players are taking interest in this role-playing game and have enormous chances to meet and play with the highly intellectual and intelligent characters in the Daraemon X universe. They have constant meetings with many other players and explore adventures and solve puzzles. Players of this game are optimists as well as energetic. they have no any sort of doubt about this application. This game can be played on cell phones Android and IOS.

Furthermore, Doraemon X APK is the only game around the globe that has millions of users and it has sold out millions of copies. Many other applications are not suitable for our cell phones and Android because they contain viruses. Every user worries about their privacy. But the developer of this application has developed it with safety and security. Therefore, they have no doubt while using the app.

In addition, this APK mod has many features and each feature is interesting in this game. Their gamers take multi-role. It is an adventurous and problem-solving game. When they face any sort of obstacle first remove it and then move from there,

Features of Doraemon X APK

A popular game that can be used on any smartphone android.IOS or PC. It has many features and each feature is described below-mentioned description.


This is an adventurous game where players keep busy while puzzling and solving puzzles. There is a protagonist named Nobita and every player takes the role of Nobita. They are getting past obstacles and clearing up their level in the game.


Doraemon X is an experience-mod game where there are a number of side missions and minigames. Players have chances to not only earn money but also get rewards.

Multi Characters

This game offers players to meet various characters in the game and every character. And this game is also considered a universe game

Earning Money

In-game players can earn money by finishing their level successfully. This opportunity only offers Doraemon X APK. Players are from various countries.

Putting Game together

In this game, the player has physical involvement. They are facing difficulty to increase their level in the game. Having hard competition in the game and finally, it becomes playable for most people. And they are keenly playing this game.


To sum up, Doraemon X is a popular game around the world and millions of people play it. It has many features. It is an adventurous game where you go through hardship without getting past that huge obstacle players can not level up. Therefore, players have a hard time during games. There they have an opportunity to earn money by clearing up their level. If you are not a player of this game, then download it and enjoy your day.

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