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We are here to announce a great way to earn cash by just playing easy games. The application that we offer today is the Digiwards APK. This outclasses application allows users to earn real cash and coins by simply playing casual games on their devices. The user interface of the application is well-designed and it assists the user to understand the working of the application.

what is Digiwards APK? How can you earn real money?

The Digiwards APK is a free application that will help all those players who want to earn while playing games. We all love to spend our leisure time on games and by playing these games, we are becoming happy and relaxed. But, this application has added to the fun and enjoyment moments by making it a source of earning as well. Now the game players can play and earn at the same time.

Adding to that, the games offered to play are very easy and every application user will understand the gameplay. The first game offered is Captcha Solving; in this game, the user is required to solve different captcha that will be shown to them one by one. Sometimes, it shows a very difficult captcha but doesn’t panic because mostly the captcha here is pretty easy to solve.

Once, the user solves the captcha, he/she will get many points in return. That points will be added to the total number. After that, the next games are ranging in variety and totally dependent on the user’s interest. Most users play casual games like cards, poker, arcade, etc. Yet they are improving their skills for the next tournaments as well.

Moreover, the users can earn through invitation codes means they can send their invitation code to someone and that person joins this little circus of games. Once the person joins an invitation code will be generated and if the user types that code in its particular area, they will earn up to 1,ooo points.

Furthermore, there are various surveys and their related questions being shown on the interface as well. The users are allowed to read their surveys for free and answer different questions related to them. There will be a distribution of points in this category as well. The users can earn a lot of coins just by answering simple and easy questions about what they have read in the surveys,

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Features of Digiwards APK

  • WA Surveys and CPX Surveys

The user can earn many points just by answering questions related to these surveys. Once they can read the survey to get an idea about the topic and then they can jump to the questions that will be not very difficult.

  • Earn Points and Redeem

The whole application works on earning points and there are many ways to earn them. The user can play either two types of games or answer questions being asked by the application about the surveys. Also, these coins or points can be redeemed as well.

  • Earn Cash

The application features many games ranging from captcha to casual games that can be played to earn cash. Also, the points earned can be redeemed for cash as well.

  • Fast and safe Withdrawals

The user can utilize different payment methods to withdraw the earned cash like using PayPal, GCash, and mobile accounts as well. There will be no cut-off from the amount or obstacle in the withdrawals.

  • Invite Friends

The user can also earn many points up to 1000 on each referral means if their friends join the application through their invitation code; they can earn points.


To sum up, the Digiwards APK is combining enjoyment and earning on one platform. Thus it is giving a very suitable and safe place where people can spend their leisure time that does not go astray. Instead, they are earning from their fun time. So, the user interface is elegantly created to serve the user with mobile-friendly features. Download the app now

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